Satisfied participants at the regional itSMF Forum

On the theme of Service Level Management, held in Ettlingen on 21.11.05. As an active member of itSMF (IT Service Management Forum), GW hosted the south west regional forum on 21.11. The forum provides a continuous platform for the active exchange of experience and knowledge between members and interested companies in the region. The theme of the evening was: “SLA versus UC – the art of transformation of customer SLAs into supplier UCs. Based on the “AnITA” project at T-Com, Mr. Ruhmann, a long standing GW project manager for T-Com, reported on the development of the service level agreements made by T-Com on the customer side and the implementation of these as suppliers’ UCs. He also talked about the transformation of supplier services into customer-orientated service-catalogue modules. It became clear in the ensuing lively discussion that a continuous concept in the scope of ITIL process introduction for SLM is an important pre-requisite for being able to offer services of the required quality at acceptable cost. GW will be hosting further evening events in the Baden region in 2006, with some interesting new topics on the agenda.