Open Systems Architecture. Transparent Connectivity Concept

As open systems architecture INFRA-XS, for the database backend which collects all the data of the monitoring environment, uses a relational database model, created during the initial setup. Supported database types are:

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL (open source)

The direct data access via SQL as well as via specific programming languages, like PL/SQL in Oracle or PL/pgSQL in PostgreSQL, is possible. This can, for example, be utilised for modelling and implementing customised interfaces for third-party data.

Tool assistance for database queries via SQL is provided by INFRA-XS’s XS-Designer and in the integrated Web portal.

Besides, through a proprietary DDL scripting language, the product provides an extended functionality for database access. It allows for a database backend-independent processing of database operations.

XS-Designer with SQL Query