Management and Maintenance. An Easy Task

The management and maintenance of the INFRA-XS monitoring systems is controlled centrally: all the automation scripts, parameters, and software components necessary for monitoring are stored and maintained on the central server system. From there, the XS-Agents get the data; and this is also where the XS-Agents send their monitoring and event data – no matter where they are located; whether they reside on real systems or virtual machines, or in the cloud; or – for example – whether they all have the same Windows version or not. By the way, not only the XS-Agents but also INFRA-XS’s server applications as well as all its tools can be operated in virtual environments or in the cloud.

Representing cross-border monitoring fields; operating in parallel multiple country-specific instances of the reporting and management environments – no problem with INFRA-XS, thanks to its integrated support of multilingualism.