The new INFRA-XS Release 5.5 is available

Geyer&Weinig proudly presents the brand new INFRA-XS Release 5.5.

A lot of new funtions and enhancements are packed into the new version of the leading Software-Suite for Service Level Management.

Innovations – beginning from a new interface for various Systemmanagement Consoles – to the possibility to set alerts for agents in dedicated regions in the case of non-availability – or to use wildcards for regions to define SLA-Thresholds – are available.

Interested in INFRA-XS?

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This is a first try of Horst Schlosser, one of our ITIL Service Mangers, to support you with information about which core components of the new ITIL V3 lifecycle-model are suported by INFRA-XS.

Later this year, with the knowledge of the new ITIL V3 books, of course we will come back to you with more detailed information about ITIL V3 and INFRA-XS.

The complete presentation is ready to be read or available for download in the area download.


The City of Vienna introduces INFRA-XS

With a clear focus on the End-to-End quality of their IT-Services the city of Vienna decided to introduce INFRA-XS to measure the reponse time and availability of their IT-Services. After an advertised bidding and a three months test pilot – INFRA-XS won in terms of technical features and price.

Meanwhile INFRA-XS is fully rolled out since three months. Many services for the internal customers – as well as Services offered via the Web to the habitants of Vienna and tourists (e.g. interacitve city map) are under measurement with the help of INFRA-XS.

The full story of real End-to-End Monitoring at the capital of Austria with INFRA-XS is only available in German, if you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Geyer & Weinig receives the ITIL Certification „Two Star Certified“ for their ITSM Tool „GW-TEL INFRA-XS“

Bad Homburg, June 2006 – Geyer & Weinig receives for their ITSM Tool „GW-TEL INFRA-XS“ with the modules „Service Level Management and Availability Management“ the award „Two Star Certified“ of Serview GmbH and the certification of the ITIL conformity of GW-TEL INFRA-XS for the named processes.

With its software solutions developed to meet the needs of customers, Geyer & Weinig has progressed continuously to become one of the leading service providers for service level management tools and consultancy. Highly skilled staff take on responsibility for projects, successfully implement customers. wishes and meet agreed dates and cost schedules.   Cooperative, long-standing business relationships are testimony to the high level of professionalism of project management through to implementation. As an early pathfinder for service level management in Europe, the company sets market standards and trends. Intense collaboration with universities ensures close contact to research and the latest scientific methods. This guarantees innovative products for customers and investment security for business partners.   People who translate ideas into efficient solutions have been the driving force at Geyer & Weinig from the outset.

Organizations, which manage their IT according to the de-facto-standard of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) employ software products for their Service Management. Which product fulfils the requirements of an organization? Serview GmbH faced this question since 2003. With their award „IT!L CERTIFIED TOOL®“, an independent test seal for software products this question is answered. This seal guarantees organizations to identify and supply the adequate software tool for their purpose. Software provider, which would like to certify their product, Serview GmbH will indicate the possible deficiencies of the software and how to improve them in order to achieve the ITIL conformity and compatibility. This certification is terminated for two years in order to guarantee the topicality of all software features.

The criteria’s of the tool where examined and valued by a special developed list of questions based on the OGC books IT Infrastructure Support Tools and Service Delivery Tools, under consideration of the requirements selecting the Service Management Tools based on the main processes of ITIL. Thereby obligatory, integration and functional criteria’s and data definition, data flow and data integration is analyzed by the Serview Team. On this basis Geyer & Weinig received the award „Two Star Certified“ for their ITSM Tool „GW-TEL INFRA-XS“ with the modules „Service Level Management and Availability Management“ with the annual report and are consequently authorized to use the „IT!L CERTIFIED TOOL®“-Logo. With this seal of approval customers of Geyer & Weinig have the possibility to make selective and secure investment decisions. This „IT!L CERTIFIED TOOL®“ seal of approval is comparably important for Geyer & Weinig as a provider and for their customers.

Hands-on Workshop on the SLM Forum in Mainz on the 8th of May

The topic of the workshop is “The Service Level Management Process as a main function of IT-Service Management – Best Practices to implement and run Service Level Management in a corporate environment – How to build up E2E Monitoring.

You will be lead through the workshop by Helge Dohle, Managing Consultant, exagon consulting & solutions GmbH, Kerpen-Sindorf and Thomas Ruhmann, Senior Consultant, EDV-Unternehmensberatung Geyer & Weinig GmbH, Ettlingen.



Satisfied participants at the regional itSMF Forum

On the theme of Service Level Management, held in Ettlingen on 21.11.05. As an active member of itSMF (IT Service Management Forum), GW hosted the south west regional forum on 21.11. The forum provides a continuous platform for the active exchange of experience and knowledge between members and interested companies in the region. The theme of the evening was: “SLA versus UC – the art of transformation of customer SLAs into supplier UCs. Based on the “AnITA” project at T-Com, Mr. Ruhmann, a long standing GW project manager for T-Com, reported on the development of the service level agreements made by T-Com on the customer side and the implementation of these as suppliers’ UCs. He also talked about the transformation of supplier services into customer-orientated service-catalogue modules. It became clear in the ensuing lively discussion that a continuous concept in the scope of ITIL process introduction for SLM is an important pre-requisite for being able to offer services of the required quality at acceptable cost. GW will be hosting further evening events in the Baden region in 2006, with some interesting new topics on the agenda.

New presentations

are available in the Download section. These tell you more about Geyer & Weinig, Service Level Management and INFRA-XS®.

Geyer & Weinig

will be present at the itSMF Congress in Dresden on 7th and 8th December. The slogan for this year’s congress is: “Overcoming Barriers – Bridges to the Future”. Look us up on stand 22 and find out more about professional service level management.
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Geyer & Weinig

has taken on five new apprentices (IT professionals) this autumn. We wish our new employees every success and enjoyment in the teams in Ettlingen and Röderau.