Infra-XS to Go?

Smart and mobile? Sure: Infra-XS! 

Though we are not talking about the latest smartphone here … but about a business app for mobile devices based on Android or iOS.

Or have you never dreamed of being in touch – really in touch – with your IT, wherever you are? For those of you who have – from Service Level Manager to CIO – we have some pretty good news: soon you can use your smartphone or tablet.

No matter where or when, if in a taxi or a train, you can easily check on your IT performance and make sure it is in the green. And if not – wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you could react immediately and without delay?

All this is going to be as easy as … calling an app.

We will continuously provide you with the latest information on the app-to-come’s features, benefits, and design – come back and see!

Looking for an IDoc monitoring solution?

We’ve got just the one you might need.

Infra-XS monitors the data exchange via Intermediate Documents (SAP’s IDocs) between R/3, R/2, and non-SAP systems, or the communication between logical systems based on ALE (Application Linking and Enabling).

Infra-XS provides you with an efficient and reliable tool for monitoring the various IDoc types. It simply latches itself into your network and checks the processing status of each passing Idoc.

Configuring and adjusting the monitoring set-up is easy; like defining specific IDoc types to be exclusively monitored, or filtering out particular IDoc states if they are not relevant for your monitoring scheme.

Whether IDocs or end-to-end monitoring, whether you want to monitor server availability, e-mail runtimes, or network communications – Infra-XS can do it.

Can IT Services in Clouds Be Monitored?

Thanks to a rapidly increasing virtualization the possibility to apply technologies of cloud computing in modern IT environments has arisen, confronting today’s IT managers with the question of how to monitor ever more dynamic IT architectures effectively. ‘Traditional’ tools, like system monitoring, simply cannot keep up with this fast-paced development.

In clouds, specific configuration items are allocated dynamically – according to requirements – to services or customers, or they can be used by the latter.

Due to this type of dynamic implementation – using different configuration items each time – a reliable assessment of a service’s availability and performance from the end user’s or customer’s view is virtually impossible.

The only way to reach a clear and definite evaluation of an IT service’s overall quality is to apply an end-to-end monitoring solution – a solution like Infra-XS.

Such a tool effectively and reliably provides you with the data needed for an assessment of your IT service quality – regardless of the type of implementation and of utilized components and resources.

We would like to show you how easy it is to effectively monitor your IT services – dependable and independent of your IT architecture.


Night Watch – Cutting Edge Alerting with Infra-XS

Geyer & Weinig lets you sleep at night – instead of watching your IT.

This job is done by our intelligent Infra-XS Alerting, reliably monitoring your IT services, applications, servers and databases round the clock.

If it discovers that something doesn’t go according to plan it instantly contacts the expert for the problem that occurred – so everybody else can just enjoy his or her leisure time.

Just sit back and relax, and let Infra-XS do the hard work.


New Infra-XS presentation available!

Complementing the existing scope for active E2E monitoring, the next Infra-XS release will provide you with the possibility to monitor applications, business cases and IT services using passive E2E monitoring technology.

Learn how passive Infra-XS technology can support you. For instance you can monitor non-reversible transactions on PCs or Windows(R) terminal servers, or probe the entire stream of visits to your website in the future. 

Download the new presentation explaining all the advantages you gain by using the new features of Infra-XS in the section Download.

Active and Passive E2E Monitoring with INFRA-XS

We would like to give you a first impression of the upcoming INFRA-XS release:

Complementing the existing scope for active E2E monitoring, the next INFRA-XS release will provide you with the possibility to monitor applications, business cases and IT services using passive E2E monitoring technology.

With the passive technology you can, for instance, monitor non-reversible transactions on PCs or Windows(R) terminal servers, or probe the entire stream of visits to your website in the future.

Take advantage of both technologies – active and passive E2E monitoring with one product – INFRA-XS!






IT-stability – New itSMF-Workgroup supported by Geyer & Weinig

IT Stability – a Real Challenge for the Process and Business Organization!

Today, many companies are facing a real challenge concerning their IT: historically grown IT landscapes. Very often, this stands for locally-oriented applications and highly complex architectures.

To effectively reduce and control the complexity of an existing IT architecture, a concept is needed that assures an increase in IT stability for all parts of the organization.

Such an integrative approach – based on a thinking in service life cycles – can only succeed, though, if it extends over the entire scope of a company’s IT-related processes, including the sectors software development, software deployment and software factory.

A dedicated workgroup of the itSMF Germany is about to develop a concept that leads to more IT stability in complex IT architectures, giving clear advice on what should and should not be done in the form of patterns and anti-patterns.

Using and implementing these patterns leads to a higher IT stability – this is the promise. Currently, the patterns and anti-patterns are tested at Deutsche Telekom AG.


If you are interested in this subject feel free to contact either the itSMF workgroup or us.

E2E-Monitoring with Terminalserver? Citrix? NC?

Is that possible? No problem with Infra-XS!

Infra-XS LTF-Technology can easily monitor SAP-Transactions within User-Sessions on your Terminal-Server.

If you prefer Simulation: Infra-XS also has the right solution for you – RTF-Technology.

This Technology dedicated to active monitoring is perfect to control Service Level Agreements – 24 hours a day.

Active and passive Monitoring. Two Techniques – One Solution.

Infra-XS. Get OPTIONS instead of buying two solutions.

Now available for Infra-XS: A brand new Operation Console with integrated Workflow Manager

GW-TEL OPERATIONS for INFRA-XS is the tool to manage and operate large monitoring infrastructures. It is your cockpit to monitor and steer all components of INFRA-XS and to observe your business services.


GW-TEL OPERATIONS provides an overview of the INFRA-XS monitoring infrastructure from the operational viewpoint.

Service Level Agreement violations and service failures can be recorded, referred to the responsible unit and documented very easily in the GW-TEL OPERATIONS failure database.

The INFRA-XS environment is monitored permanently by GW-TEL OPERATIONS; the monitoring scripts of the XS-Agents can be updated and managed from a central point.

GW-TEL OPERATIONS is highly recommended for INFRA-XS monitoring infrastructures of more than fifty agents.

GW-TEL OPERATIONS is based on three components:




Come to Neuss and visit us at the itSMF Congress

„IT-Industrialization is driven by ITSM

This is the theme of the 8th itSMF Congress in Neuss which is dedicated to the ITSM Community in Germany, the meeting takes place in the Swissotel on december 2+3.

You find us at booth No. 33. 

We are looking forward to meet you there!